Refund Policy

    We can issue refund if item ordered is out-of-stock from warehouse, wrong item delivered. We can only replace the incorrect item if buyer want an item replacement and wrong item was returned to us. Items are opened for check up before ship out to customer's shipping address to ensure it is in good condition, complete accessories and no damage. 


Cancellation Policy

    We are not liable to any wrong order details. Please review your details and items before placing an order.
We can only cancel the order if order is not processed yet. Cancellation can be done if item is out-of-stock from warehouse, invalid shipping information or customer cancellation request.

Replacement Policy

   We are not liable to any misuse of the item or damage by the courier. Replacement will be process if item delivered is incorrect from your order. We can only process replacement once item was returned within 7 days and customer will shoulder the return shipping cost.


Acceptable Return Reasons:

 Your return can only be approved based on the following reasons:

✓ Unused condition

✓ Complete with free gifts, accessories, and original packaging

✓ Not damaged

✓ Tags and labels attached


    Returning the item can only be validate if return request is perform within 24 hours upon receiving the item. Reimbursement option will be process if item status is already returned.


Reimbursement option:

✓ voucher

✓ replacement

✓ refund


**Please Note:
Investigation and verification will be process before issuing replacement and refund.